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Music Producer Convention
Paris - France

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We would like to warmly thank our panelists for the 2nd Music Producer Convention :

STREETRUNNER, Theron "NEFF-U" Feemster, Anomaly aka Sound Oracle, Mike & Keys, Pyroman, Neenyo, Blastar, Adriano Clemente, Atia "INK" Boggs, Nicko Soulchildren (Odaiba),
Kino Beats, Tarik Azzouz, 
Zeg P, Pops, Karim A. A. Thiam, Oliver (DrumDreamers), Sylvain Gazaignes,
Abe Batshon, Nick D. Green, Dreamtouch, DJ
Stresh, JR, Pedro Le Kraken, Morgan Bennett, Andrea Alonzo, Canardo, Otto Moukouri, Baba Flex, Trent700, Dj MacTeal
, Arc Beats, DJ Idem, Pierre-Gilles Dorison.