We would like to warmly thank every speaker of the 2017 Music Producer Convention :

Tony Dofat, DJ Khalil, Karim A. A. Thiam, Just Dizle, Tarik Azzouz, Ozhora Miyagi, Pops, Sylvain Gazaignes, Gezin 808 Mafia, Narcos, The FaNaTiX, Baba Flex, C-Wash, Tha Trickaz, Gareth Messam, Wetty Beatz, Pierre-Gilles Dorison, Rhino, Nick Green, Dreamtouch, Alassane Konate, Proof, Oliver (DrumDreamers), Morgan Benett, MKL, Morgane Marshall, NAB H24, Willmuch.

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Music Producer Convention
Paris - France

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