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How MPC became the gathering for urban and electronic music producers.

Group of international talented music creators at the end of Music Producer Convention I
Group of international talented music creators at the end of Music Producer Convention I

It all started with an idea, a team, a network, and years of cumulated experience in the music industry and events organization.

Originally, the will to create the convention came from a lack of production-focused events in Europe.

We wanted to provide a unique experience for today’s music creators, a platform connecting amateurs, semi-pros, and industry professionals, to tighten their relationships and bridge the gap between the French, European, and American markets.

Since 2017, this idea turned into an annual 3-day event that gathers participants through various activities: Exclusive learning sessions, debates, conferences, listening sessions, one-to-one meetings, label placement sessions, or just hanging out in the networking area. All types of opportunities to create connections.

DJ Khalil (Aftermath Records) | Music Producer Convention I
DJ Khalil (Aftermath Records) | Music Producer Convention I

Throughout a full weekend, attendees get a chance to immerse themselves in professional studio settings, learn from the best, create connections with their peers, extend their network, and maybe compete to win prizes and get advice from industry professionals with outstanding references.

Our keywords are “knowledge. networking. workshops. competition”.

At MPC you can get the information and tools you need, find like-minded people, apply and practice the knowledge you received, and if you think you’re ready, compete and show off your skills!

We want our community to get everything they need to take their careers to the next level by learning through practical in-studio workshops, and music business classes, in small group sessions provided by top-notch professionals; or by sharing during our debates, keynotes, discussions, and conferences.

Imhotep (IAM) x Ableton | Music Producer Convention III
Imhotep (IAM) x Ableton | Music Producer Convention III

To highlight the talents of tomorrow we have also set up the Music Producer Challenge, a live beat battle springboard competition powered by the biggest brands in the industry and with the presence of some of the most influential producers in today's music scene today to judge and advise the participants.

DJ MacTeal | Music Producer Convention III
DJ MacTeal | Music Producer Convention III

During every edition, 16 pre-selected challengers get a chance to compete in front of an international A-level jury to get noticed, get advice, and win prizes to boost their creative toolbox.

Since 2017, the Music Producer Challenge springboard has enabled many participants to land contract signings, collaboration opportunities, or placements on major albums both in France and the United States.

The beat battle also includes interactive live performances from DJs and beatmakers, as well as a conference on the actual state of the music business and market.

Rhino | Music Producer Challenge I
Rhino | Music Producer Challenge I

In terms of speakers. we are happy to have received over 60 pros in total among the most influential producers and industry executives of today’s scene. Music production legends and mastodons or new top shots, we always try to cover it all.

Overall credits from our past speakers include some of the biggest names in the music industry: Dr.Dre, Jay-Z, JustinTimberlake, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Drake, Eminem, 50 cent, Kendrick Lamar, Notorious B.I.G., and the list goes on...

Not to mention plaques and awards with a cumulated 200+ million records sold, 10+ Grammys, 10+ diamond plaques, 100+ platinum plaques and still counting!

We do our best each year to scout and vet the best talent to provide the most amazing experiences for you all. Really, we wanted to make an event we would want to attend…

In addition to the great support we received from all these speakers, the number of attendees kept growing. Thus in 2017 participants came from France and neighboring countries, in 2018 participants from 14 countries joined the event, and in 2019, music creators from 18 countries gathered in Paris!

So it’s safe to say today, that MPC has truly become an international event. And it’s still just the beginning!

The 2020 edition was unfortunately postponed due to the Covid19 pandemic. 2021 and 2022 were just as uncertain and unstable, but 2023 feels like we can finally get together again and we can’t wait!

That being said, during this time out, we saw the advent of new technologies and digital revolutions go mainstream! From Verzuz IG battles to the advent of Web3, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, NFTs, AI chats, and art generators, there have been a lot of changes in motion! And the music industry is going through it as well! But don’t worry, we’ve been keeping our ears and eyes on the « digital beat streets » and plan to integrate these new tools and learnings for you in our next edition… But for now, shhh.

Until then, we will be keeping you posted through this blog, our newsletter, and our social media, so make sure you stay tuned!

In our next posts, we will be looking back at each previous edition giving you highlights and recaps. Good memories for those who attended! And this will give you an idea of what you missed or can expect if you join us this year!

Have any memories from MPC you’d like to share?

Comment or tag us #musicproducerconvention on any social media for a repost!

Thanks for your continued support! We do it for you all! Until then, stay creative, stay productive, and stay hydrated in the studio!


The MPC team


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