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Guess who's back! Music Producer Convention, 4th Edition, 2023

Dear MPC Friends!

No need to explain why we weren’t able to get together in the past couple of years... We all know what went down, it’s been rough for us all. The global impact on the events industry has been tremendous. We just couldn’t take the risk of running a physical event in these conditions. That being said, we are still here! Some might call it a comeback, but we never really left!

In our opinion, digital conferences are one thing, connecting in person is another. And if you’ve ever been to one of our previous editions, you know that one of the highlights of MPC is meeting people in real life and create links. Connections you could have only dreamed of, like-minded people, key industry people, new business partners, random chats in a hall that lead to a collaboration or a placement 2 years later. You never know what might happen!

And so we’ve been working behind the scenes to bring back the event you have all been waiting for! Same city, same vibe, same period, new locations, new partnerships, bigger and better!

We will unveil information as we get closer to the date, and we can’t wait!

This time around, we want to get you more involved in the process. We are also planning to be more hands-on with you outside of the event, by developing a digital platform for the community with access to more connections and regular opportunities. More info coming soon…

If you’re as excited as we are, send us a note if you’d like to help or participate. And please feel free to show us some love by sharing the news on social media.

We’d love to hear your stories about your experience at the Music Producer Convention.

Share yours and tag us with the hashtag #musicproducerconvention to tell the people why you want MPC back and we’ll repost!

For those that never got a chance to attend or don't know the event yet, we are opening up this blog to tell you more about the story of MPC, highlights, recaps, and the shape of things to come as well as industry tips and insider stories. So keep your eyes out for our newsletter for updates.

In the meantime, stay curious and creative! Remember to stay hydrated in the studio, and we’ll be in touch soon!


The MPC Team


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