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Beyond The Producer: Exploring Diverse Career Paths Around Music Production...

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Today we will be talking about all the various opportunities, jobs, and revenue streams available aside from chasing placements, plaques, money, and fame! Anything is possible, but you might not become the next Tony Dofat, Rockwilder, or Tarik Azzouz, and it's ok! There are so many opportunities out there for everybody! And you'll get some of these different perspectives at the MPC IV!

Multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producer Tarik Azzouz - Music Producer Convention III

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Sunday JUNE 4th 2023 - 22H CET / 4 pm CST / 1 pm PST

Now, let's get back to the program!

Let's be real, while opportunities are everywhere, and we believe anybody can make it in Music if they truly want it bad enough... Still, not everybody will get a chance to become a number one chart-topping super producer. While reaching the top of the charts may be the dream, it's essential to keep an open mind and explore the vast array of job and market opportunities available to you. The music production landscape extends far beyond superstardom, offering a wealth of fulfilling and exciting paths to pursue. So, let's embark on a journey of discovery as we uncover the hidden gems of the industry. Whether it's to sustain yourself altogether or simply as a side hustle while you pursue your goals and ambitions, it's important to stay curious! So let's dive into these different lanes and uncover the diverse paths available to you!

Nick Green (Publisher) and Oliver discussing business during a debate - Music Producer Convention I


As a music producer, once you have mastered your craft, the first step is to educate yourself on the business aspect of this industry. There are many different players in the game, but here are some of the main roles and career paths you could look into:

1. Music Publisher: Channel your entrepreneurial spirit by establishing a music publishing business. As a publisher, you'll manage rights, royalties, and licensing, ensuring that artists' works are protected and monetized effectively. You might also be doing placements for the producers you work with or coordinating sessions with songwriters or artists.

2. Record Label Executive: Step into the world of record labels and become a driving force behind the scenes. As an executive, you'll scout new talent, oversee the production process, and help artists navigate the complex landscape of the music industry. There are many different positions to fill in labels, whether major or independent.

3. A&R (Artists and Repertoire) Representative: As an A&R representative, your role is to discover and nurture promising talent. Your knack for identifying exceptional artists and connecting them with the right opportunities can make a significant impact on their careers.

4. Artist Manager: Play a pivotal role in guiding and shaping the careers of talented musicians. As an artist manager, you'll provide strategic guidance, negotiate contracts, and ensure your clients have the support they need to thrive. You are the middleman that makes sure all interactions and operations run smoothly.

5. Music Attorney/Legal Consultant: Do you have a background in law but love beats too much? Help artists and producers navigate the intricate legal landscape of the music industry as a music attorney or legal consultant. From contract negotiations to copyright protection, you'll provide valuable guidance to beatmakers, artists, and industry professionals.

6. Music Copyright Specialist: Safeguard artists' intellectual property rights as a music copyright specialist. By registering copyrights, monitoring infringements, and enforcing legal protections, you'll ensure that artists receive proper recognition and compensation. This is often done by the publisher, but you could find positions helping them or working with artists directly.

7. Music Production Consultant: Are you a seasoned industry vet? Offer your expertise to artists, labels, and studios as a music production consultant. From advising on technical aspects to providing creative direction, your insights will elevate the quality of musical productions. By providing strategic guidance, financial advice, and market insights, you'll help artists navigate the complex landscape of the industry.

8. Music Licensing Specialist: Navigate the world of music licensing, helping artists secure placements in films, TV shows, advertisements, and more. Your expertise in negotiations and rights management will unlock valuable opportunities.

Sound engineer OPSEEK during his mixing workshop - Music Producer Convention III


Some of us are just not made for business... Maybe you're a studio and sound geek who has no issues with not seeing the light of day for hours at a time. Some producers do everything themselves, but there are many career paths that are specific to sound, sonics, and making sure the music is ready for the public. Here are a few examples:

9. Sound Engineer: Delve into the technical side of music production as a sound engineer. Your expertise in recording, mixing, and mastering will shape the sonic landscape of songs, albums, and live performances. Some sound engineers know how to do it all, while others specialize in different aspects, see below.

10. Mixing Engineer: Polish and refine musical tracks to perfection as a mixing engineer. Balancing different elements, applying effects, and creating a cohesive sound, are all part of your creative process.

11. Mastering Engineer: The final touch in the music production journey, mastering engineers add the magic that brings out the best in a recording. With your expertise, you'll optimize audio quality and ensure consistency across tracks and albums.

12. Studio Technician: Behind every great recording studio, there's a skilled technician. By maintaining equipment, troubleshooting technical issues, and creating an optimal recording environment, you'll contribute to the seamless operation of the studio.

13. Live Sound Engineer: Embrace the adrenaline rush of live performances by becoming a live sound engineer. Your expertise in setting up and mixing sound for concerts and events will ensure that every note is heard with clarity.

14. Sound Designer / Composer / Soundtrack Producer: Collaborate with filmmakers and explore the realm of sound design, creating immersive audio experiences for films, TV shows, video games, and other media. Your sonic creations will transport audiences to new worlds and evoke powerful emotions. As a composer/soundtrack creator, you produce musical scores that are made to captivate audiences. Your melodies will become the backbone of powerful storytelling. This is one of the most lucrative but hard-to-access realms of music production.

15. Music Supervisor: Combine your love for music and visual storytelling as a music supervisor. Your role involves curating and selecting the perfect songs to enhance the emotional impact of films, TV shows, and commercials.

16. Sample / Loop Pack Creator: Develop and distribute sample packs, offering producers a vast array of sounds and elements to incorporate into their tracks. Your unique samples will spark creativity and inspire new musical directions. You can craft captivating loops and musical phrases that ignite the creative spark in producers. With your loop packs, artists will have a foundation to build upon, making the production process more efficient and enjoyable. And if you set things up right, you could even get placements and publishing points in this way.

Swede from 808 mafia (Producer / Artist / Sample creator) - Music Producer Convention III


Maybe you have a little voice inside your head telling you to step out of the shadows to jump on stage or behind the mic! Overcome your shyness and embrace your creativity by expressing yourself! There are different ways to do more than produce beats and instrumentals for other artists. If you feel it in your heart there are many ways to showcase your creations to the public.

17. Songwriter / Topliner: Do you have a knack for catchy rhymes and hooks? Unleash your creativity by crafting compelling lyrics and melodies as a songwriter. Collaborating with artists or writing for yourself, you'll breathe life into stories through the power of words and music. Your ability to paint vivid imagery and evoke emotions through lyrics will complement the musical talents of fellow collaborators.

18. Session / Touring Musician: Showcase your instrumental prowess by becoming a session or touring musician. As a versatile performer, you'll contribute your skills to live shows and various recording sessions, adding depth and richness to musical compositions. You could also get hired to create original samples for instance. Or end up touring with your favorite artists!

19. Live beatmaker / DJ / Solo artist / Finger drummer: If you like being the center of attention, you could develop your own live show performances. There are many different avenues to explore and the sky is the limit if you've got the talent and the drive! Whether that's playing beats live, showcasing your skills as a finger drummer, playing mixed sets of your beats, or singing to your production, if you are comfortable on stage this could be a great way to present your music.

Jeff Bacon from Tracklib (Now CMO of Daftspringer) - Music Producer Convention I


You can have the best music in the world, but if nobody knows about it, you won't go very far! Marketing is present in all industries, but it's always more exciting in the entertainment business! Nowadays, in the digital era, whether it's through traditional or social media, there are huge opportunities, especially if you are tech-savvy as well! Here are a few examples:

20. Music Publicist: Become the voice behind the music as a publicist. Your expertise in public relations and strategic communication will help artists gain visibility and build strong connections with their audience.

21. Music Marketing Specialist: Combine your passion for music with marketing savvy by becoming a music marketing specialist. From developing promotional campaigns to creating engaging content, you'll help artists connect with their target audience.

22. Digital content creator/planner: Are you at ease with social media? Do you like creating content (video/audio / written word)? Are you familiar with media planning and crafting organic or paid promotional content? Whether it's for a company or as a consultant, these positions are highly demanded and if you know what you're doing, you could create a thriving side hustle by offering your services.

BABA Flex, DJ, event organizer and radio host - Music Producer Convention I


If you work in marketing, you will usually end up collaborating with various media outlets. This is where the attention is. Whether you develop your own platform, collaborate with, or work in media, there are plenty of opportunities available to diversify your revenue streams. Here are a few ideas:

23. Music Blogger/Writer: Mix your love for music and writing by becoming a music blogger or writer. Through insightful articles, reviews, and interviews, you'll engage and inspire fellow music enthusiasts. You could generate extra income or get contacted by companies to hire you.

24. Radio DJ/Presenter: Take to the airwaves and share your passion for music as a radio DJ or presenter. Your curated playlists, interviews, and engaging commentary will captivate listeners and introduce them to new sounds. This is a great way to develop your network for example.

25. Podcast Producer: Dive into the world of podcasting and produce shows that explore the diverse facets of the music industry. From interviews with musicians to discussions on music history, your podcast will entertain and educate listeners and could turn into its own revenue stream.

26. Music Video Director/Producer: If you like making videos and creating content, collaborate with artists to bring their musical visions to life through captivating music videos. From concept development to production, you'll visually enhance the storytelling of songs.

27. Music Content Creator/YouTuber: Embrace the digital age and share your musical journey through content creation on platforms like YouTube. By offering tutorials, performances, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, you'll inspire and entertain fellow music enthusiasts. You could also offer your services to other artists and producers.

28. Music Streaming Platform Curator: Join a music streaming platform and curate playlists that cater to different moods, genres, and occasions. Your selections will introduce listeners to new artists and foster a deeper appreciation for music. Playlists are the name of the game these days. If you can create a popular playlist, artists and labels alike will reach out to you for promotion.

Pedro Le Kraken performing live - Music Producer Convention II


Do you love getting people together, rocking parties, or traveling and are great at logistics? Events and touring are a huge part of the music industry. This is known to be one of the most lucrative revenue streams for artists. By getting involved with this part of the business you will get to interact with artists and various players across the board. Plus you get the joy of presenting the music you love to the masses! Aside from another pandemic, this is a very active part of the industry that is always in demand of dedicated talent!

29. Music Event Promoter/Planner/Organizer: Bring music to the masses by organizing unforgettable concerts, festivals, and events. From coordinating logistics to curating lineups, you'll create immersive experiences for music lovers and bring people together through the power of music. This is a great way to generate some extra revenue and create a network with your local communities. If you're an aspiring live beatmaker, you could also organize your own shows and perform as an opening act to start getting your name out there

30. Booking Agent: Become the mastermind behind live performances by taking on the role of a booking agent. From securing gigs to managing tour logistics, you'll be responsible for bringing the music to audiences around the world and securing dates for artists. This position is usually operated at a distance so it can be a great way to develop a side hustle while staying home.

31. Tour Manager: If you like traveling and being in movement, then embrace the excitement and challenges of the road as a tour manager. Organizing schedules, coordinating travel arrangements, and ensuring smooth operations during tours will be your domain. You will work closely with booking agents and artist managers and develop a strong relationship based on trust with the artists you represent.

Super Producer Tony Dofat (Bad Boy) and professor at Drexel University - Music Producer Convention III


This section is truly aimed at experienced producers who may also have experience as teachers, coaches, or therapists. There are many different career paths available in the transmission of knowledge and wisdom. Please be self-aware and don't become another coach or teacher with zero experience... But if you have what it takes, the world needs your input! At some point in our evolution, sharing our expertise is a natural part of the process! We need more mentors!

32. Music Teacher/Instructor: If you have a good enough level, you could share your passion and knowledge with aspiring musicians as a music teacher or instructor. By nurturing talent and guiding students on their musical journey, you'll help shape the next generation of artists.

33. Music Producer Mentor/Coach: Are you an experienced producer with credentials? Share your wisdom and experience with aspiring producers as a mentor or coach guiding them through the intricacies of music production.

34. Music Therapist: Do you want to help people on a different level? You could combine music and therapy by becoming a music therapist. Your knowledge of music's therapeutic benefits could help individuals heal, grow, and find solace through the power of melodies and rhythms.

Sound Oracle and Neenyo - Music Producer Convention II


Finally, compared to 30 years ago, we are now living in the future! From incredible hardware tech and tools to A.I. and app development, there are countless opportunities if you're tech-savvy.

As things continue to evolve, this aspect of the business is destined to keep growing. If you're a geek who loves new gadgets, or you love coding and see 0's and 1's everywhere, then Tech jobs are for you! Here are a few avenues to explore:

35. Music App/Software Developer: you could combine your passion for music and technology by developing innovative music apps or software. Your creations will empower musicians with new tools for composition, production, and performance.

36. Music Analyst/Data Scientist: Do you love numbers? Utilize your analytical skills and passion for music by becoming a music analyst or data scientist. By examining trends, consumer behavior, and market insights, you'll provide valuable strategic guidance to industry professionals, with the evolution of tech, there are many opportunities to fill in these roles.

37. Music Production Software Tester: Do you love discovering the latest tools? Play a crucial role in the development of music production software by testing and providing valuable feedback. Your attention to detail will contribute to creating user-friendly and efficient tools for producers.


Remember, this list only scratches the surface of the myriad opportunities available in the music production realm. As the industry evolves, new avenues will continue to emerge, presenting even more exciting possibilities for aspiring producers like you. So, embrace curiosity, stay open-minded, and be willing to explore diverse paths that align with your interests and skills.

Whether you find your calling behind the scenes as a manager, technician, or publisher, or take center stage as a performer, songwriter, or composer, the music industry is a vast playground with endless avenues to explore. So, go forth, unlock the doors of opportunity, and carve your unique path in the ever-evolving world of music production. And keep banging beats in the meantime!

That's it for today!

Don't forget our community call on INSTAGRAM LIVE to announce the release dates for the "AA Blind Early Bird Tickets", give you more details on the offer, and answer your questions!


Sunday JUNE 4th 2023 - 22h CST / 4 pm CET / 1 pm PST

We look forward to seeing you in person in Paris on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of November 2023!

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