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About the workshops and masterclasses MPC …

There’s something special about a professional studio, it feels like a spacecraft or an alchemist's lab… You can create that vibe in a home studio as well. As long as you can shut the door, play music loud, and enter into another dimension, far from space and time, where the magic happens!

Anybody can try. Creativity is open to all, but like anything else, when it comes to creating music, it takes a lot to become a master!

Nowadays, it’s never been easier to make beats at home, or anywhere, with a laptop or even a phone. But how do you take your beats from the bedroom to the billboards?

There are levels to this just as there is a difference between a home setup and a real professional studio. At MPC, we want our community to get to experience it all!

Swede 808 mafia - Music Producer Convention III
Swede 808 mafia - Music Producer Convention III

We want you to see masters at work, and find out what it takes from the source. We want our attendees to be in some of the best studios in the world to get to feel the difference and know that it’s attainable as well. These professionals are also human beings, just like us all! It’s possible!

Teaching and sharing are nothing new. But getting access to the best in the world is no easy task. Watching a pre-recorded class is also amazing, but getting to interact with the artist/producer in person is something else! Producers, engineers, A&Rs, publishers, and executives are not the easiest people to connect with, and they are not often in the limelight. Our goal was to spotlight those who operate behind the scenes most of the time.

Before MPC, the founding team was lucky to interact with amazing creatives and be a part of incredible studio sessions and opportunities through their diverse careers. We knew this was a blessing, and wished more people could experience it, but we had to go get it. We wanted to build bridges between the US, European and global markets.

But it didn’t happen overnight. This was the fruit of years of experience, traveling to different countries, and realizing there was a need for this kind of event. There is something special about putting a bunch of passionate creatives in a space and giving them a platform to connect, exchange, and learn from each other, in person!

The proximity is also very important. Small groups mean more time and space for meaningful interactions. This creates a very exclusive feel and atmosphere. When you know the studio can only fit 10 to 20 people max, you are getting access to a priceless experience. Picking the brains of a creative and getting to witness them in their element is a rare insight.

INK - Music Producer Convention II
INK - Music Producer Convention II

The inspiration and motivation that is shared through the experience is the most essential aspect.

The event first started with ideas. We had the locations. Now we needed to convince partners to support us and producers to come to speak about their craft in public and finally spread the word and hope people would show up!

With minimal budgets, a few connections, and lots of motivation, we set out to create what is now Europe’s biggest gathering of urban and electronic music producers.

Our thing was, we didn’t just want to do conferences and debates (which we also love, see next post…), we wanted to go further. We wanted the workshops to be hands-on and practical with some of the best producers in the world. A mix of « OG » legends with “skin in the game”, as well as representatives of the new generation and « young guns » who are crafting the sounds of today and tomorrow…

NEFF-U x Neenyo x Sound Oracle - Private Session - Music Producer Convention II
NEFF-U x Neenyo x Sound Oracle - Private Session - Music Producer Convention II

The concept is simple: 3-hour masterclasses in a professional studio, with 10 to 20 attendees.

Some speakers were worried it would be too long and they wouldn’t know what to say… But it’s usually the contrary! They’re the ones we need to push to wrap up because they’re already 30min overtime! And most often, these producers come out having also learned a lot from their exchanges with the attendees while the latter exit with their eyes glowing and big smiles on their faces! To us, as organizers, there’s no better feeling!

At first, nobody knew about us. It took a lot of cold calling and emailing, pulling favors, and presenting our ideas. Now, as we prepare for our 4th edition, our past lineups speak for themselves!

Previous MPC speakers Sample - Music Producer Convention
Scoop Deville x My Guy Mars - Music Producer Convention III

Imagine spending 3 hours in a studio with one of these guys. Hearing their story, and watching them break down their creative process and workflow. Sometimes producers will open up the files for an old session of one of their hits to show you how they actually made it! Other times, they’ll get creative and make a beat on the spot! And the best part is you get to ask questions at the end.

We’ve truly had so many incredible stories that it would be hard to sum them all up.

But for example, envision Dj Khalil, the legendary LA producer, signed at aftermath records and member of the duo Self-Scientific showing attendees how he uses Serato Sample to quickly and creatively flip his own loops created by recording musicians and turn them into a banger on the spot.

DJ Khalil (Aftermath) - Music Producer Convention I
DJ Khalil (Aftermath) - Music Producer Convention I

Or the Godfather of this event, Tony Dofat, with his 40 million records sold during his 30-year career pulling out his old MPC floppy disks to break down Bad Boy hits before signing the MPC lent to him for his workshop.

Tony Dofat (Bad Boy Ent.)  - Music Producer Convention I
Tony Dofat (Bad Boy Ent.) - Music Producer Convention I

You might have also witnessed NY hitmaker, and Janet Jackson's official dj, Rockwilder, spinning his latest beats on his phone in between his workshop and a debate in the main room… Pictured here during his workshop in the company of producer Ty Fyffe.

Rockwilder x Ty Fyffe - Music Producer Convention III
Rockwilder x Ty Fyffe - Music Producer Convention III

Or Tarik Azzouz, the secret weapon behind DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, or Meek Mill hits, humbly showing how he orchestrates his productions to send to his American associate so he can add his finishing touch and present the beats to his artist network.

Tarik Azzouz -  - Music Producer Convention I
Tarik Azzouz - - Music Producer Convention I

And then having the opportunity to hear the Miami producer STREETRUNNER himself speak about his collaboration with Tarik Azzouz before deconstructing some of his hits and explaining how he created his connections and imprint on the game.

STREETRUNNER - Music Producer Convention II
STREETRUNNER - Music Producer Convention II

What about Mike & Keys, the duo behind Nipsey Hussle's work, who also produce for artists like T.I., Dom Kennedy, or Dave East sharing some of their secret production tips for their signature sound?

Mike & Keys  - Music Producer Convention II
Mike & Keys - Music Producer Convention II

Theron Feemster aka NEFF-U, Dr. Dre's protege, producer, and composer of many Original film soundtracks sharing his stories about Michael Jackson, Will Smith, or the good Dr. himself!

Theron "NEFF-U" Feemster - Music Producer Convention II
Theron "NEFF-U" Feemster - Music Producer Convention II

Or Sound Oracle, the chief sound designer for super producer Timbaland and Polow Da Don showcasing how he uses voice control to take technology to the next level. Pictured here with producer Neenyo (OVO).

Neenyo x Sound Oracle  - Music Producer Convention II
Neenyo x Sound Oracle - Music Producer Convention II

Not to mention Pyroman the young french prodigy producer of multi-diamond records, or Zeg P, a close collaborator of French rapper Sofiane, showing the upcoming generation that it’s possible to do it their way.

Zeg P  - Music Producer Convention II
Zeg P - Music Producer Convention II

Or the mysterious French duo, Tha Trickaz, known for their live beat-making and turned-up shows, taking their masks off for a select few lucky attendees.

Tha Trickaz - Music Producer Convention I
Tha Trickaz - Music Producer Convention I

And this is just a small sample of what you can expect! At the Music Producer Convention, truly, anything can happen! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity…

Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter, if you haven’t already done so, to get notified about the upcoming 2023 edition!

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