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About conferences and debates…

Imhotep (IAM) x Ableton | Music Producer Convention III

At the Music Producer Convention, the major attractions are definitely the In-Studio workshops and Masterclasses, but that’s not all. Every year, we also aim to create opportunities for everybody to gain knowledge.

We are aware that seats are limited in the studios, and not everybody can afford such exclusive experiences. We’d argue that it’s an investment that could pay back tenfold, yet it’s important for us to make MPC accessible to all.

Karim A. A. Thiam (BMG)  - Music Producer Convention I
Karim A. A. Thiam (BMG) - Music Producer Convention I

That’s why we also developed keynotes in a conference setting, as well as debates. We’ve received various speakers from producers, label executives, publishers, and A&Rs, to innovative product representatives. During these keynotes, attendees get to hear about insider stories, tips, and tools, and of course, they also get to ask questions at the end.

ALMERIA (Everydayz & Phazz) x Ableton- Music Producer Convention III

Some of our talks have included:

-Tracklib presenting their sample catalog solution.

-Beatstars showcasing how producers can make a living leasing beats.

-Ableton bringing sponsored producers to showcase how they use their products.

-Major and independent publishers explaining how they work.

-Universal, Def Jam, or BMG A&Rs describing what they look for in producers.

And many other insightful conferences!

ORIANA CONVELBO (NEUVE x Universal Music) - Music Producer Convention III

Reading about the industry online, or watching interviews is great but doesn’t come close to actually being in the room. As usual, the most important factor is the realization that these professionals are real people like us all. But the music industry is tricky!

So getting knowledge from the sources is priceless, and the conferences enable all our attendees to get access to it. Whether it’s publishing, splits, or how to reach out and interact with executives. How to make submissions, how to access placement opportunities, how to make sure you get your fair share without closing doors by being too greedy or pretentious before you’ve paid your dues, all these questions are important! That's why we get together at MPC.

Oliver (DrumDreamers) x Nick Green (Next Play Music) - Music Producer Convention I
Oliver (DrumDreamers) x Nick Green (Next Play Music) - Music Producer Convention I

During debates, we host an eclectic group of speakers around a common theme such as « turning beats into placements », « Generating revenue », « Major vs independent », etc…

Usually bilingual (French/English), these talks give our speakers a chance to partake in conversations about the market and the industry. For example, it could be a legendary US producer, a French newcomer, an artist, a publisher, and an A&R. They all look at the issues at hand with their own perspective, which gives attendees a chance to get a broader insight into all the players involved.

Memorable moments include:

Scoop Deville, Rockwilder, Swede (808 Mafia), My Guy Mars & JR Bonnerave - MPC III

This discussion filled with legends about how a producer can diversify his revenue streams. From live shows to independent event production, from djing to creating original samples to the coveted video/sync placements, the options are getting more and more varied but the competition is growing too! Hence the importance of learning to diversify your sources of income.

Abe Batshon (Beatstars), Blastar, Jeff Bacon (Tracklib) and Pops - MPC II

Or this one where we debated the idea of the producer as a startup? What does this imply in terms of professionalization? We also talked about copyrights and the new technologies available to producers to find and declare their samples as well as the means of distribution allowing them to live from their music while waiting for their first placements, or even royalties which can take several years to hit the bank. As a startup, each producer is responsible for his own sources of income. And this also starts with the establishment of a solid network. You know the saying: "Your network is your net worth"...

Otto Moukouri (Def Jam), Mike & Keys, Kino Beats, Oliver, and Nick Green - MPC II

Or this lively debate with a panel of top producers and executives, where we talked about the art of connections and placements, the dos and don'ts, and how to build a reputation as a professional.

These debates take place in the main room and give us all a chance to get together and discuss the things that really matter to our industry and community. From lessons from the past to current state-of-the-art, all the way to visualizing what the future might look like… These conversations matter!

It’s always a pleasure to see everybody get involved and excited about the subjects. Hearing it from the people who are living « the dream » and finding out it’s not all peaches and cream is an invaluable lesson. We’re grateful for the opportunity to push the envelope, kick down doors and taboos, unveil untold secrets, and truly give you the insights and tools you need to take your career to the next level! That is why these conferences and debates are such an integral part of the MPC experience.

This year, we are planning to emphasize this part of the event, so get ready for some epic keynotes and debates, with more space and seats to keep it accessible for all!

Finally, it’s all about getting together and connecting with each other. And that’s why networking is such an important part of the Music Producer Convention, but we’ll explain in our next post…

Madizm - Music Producer Convention III
Madizm - Music Producer Convention III

In the meantime, thanks for reading, and if you’d like to find out more about the event and be the first to know when we release new info about the upcoming 4th edition, make sure you visit our website and sign up for our newsletter!

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