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Music Producer Convention
Paris - France

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Classes, conferences, debates & practical in-studio workshops will take place at Abbey Road Institute Paris.


All of our workshops, classes, conferences, debates and listening sessions will take place
in the outstanding premises of our partner Abbey Road Institute Paris.

Formerly known as Omega studios which recorded, mixed and mastered some of the biggest international and French artists (Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Céline Dion, Sting, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Johnny Hallyday, Lenny Kravitz, Phil Collins, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, RedOne, Mylène Farmer, Tokio Hotel).

Located 15 minutes away from St-Lazare station, the premises include 4 professional studios fully equipped with analog and modern digital gear matching with today's industry standards.


Analog studio composed of a huge main room and its Steinway D serie and 4 recording booths.

Equipped with an SSL 9000 XL 96 faders, a Studer 24 tracks analog tape recorder, two Studer 2 tracks analog recorders; TAD Custom, Genelec and Yamaha monitoring systems, as well as a multitude of classic analog outboard (Neve, GML, TubeTech, Manley, API, Lexicon, Eventide, URei …)


Digital studio including 2 recording booths.

Equipped with the new Avid S6 M40 32 faders, a B&W monitoring system, lots of Preamps (EMI, Chandler) and analog outboards (Neve, Trident, Studer, MCI, Bricasti, Tubetech, Chandler …)


Production studio including 1 recording booth.

Equipped with a Universal Audio Apollo8 interface with UAD Octo full bundle DSP system, PMC and Auratone monitoring systems, instruments (Gibson, Orange …), synths (Moog, Access Virus, Korg, Roland, Arturia …) and lots of outboard (Moog, SPL, T.C. Electronics, MES, Eventide, BBE).


Edit and mastering studio.

Equipped with a Universal Audio Apollo8 interface with UAD Octo full bundle DSPs, two PMC monitoring systems and outboards (UAD, Antelope, TC Electronic, Dangerous Musix, Pandulum, SPL).


Abbey Road Institute Paris

51-53 Rue Merlin de Thionville
92150 Suresnes, France

Paris Saint-Lazare - La Défense

Gare de Suresnes Mont Valerien

La Défense