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Join our team!

Music Producer Convention is growing each year!

Be part of the MPC story in joining our team as a volunteer.


Are you interested in being part of a major event for creators?

Become an insider and take advantage of being an MPC team member.

Are you an experimented professional who wants to support the project?
Are you a student in the modern music field who wants to expand his network?
Or are you a person interested in attending Music Producer Convention?


1. Photo/Video operator :
You have skills as a photo or video operator.
Your are a Photo or video editor with or without gear.

To be integrated in our media/video team (content creation, content editing).

2. Audio technician :
Experimented enough person or student in the audio engineering field.
To be integrated in our technical team (sessions set up, recordings, audio editing).

3. Community manager/Moderator :
Student in communication.
To help us to manage our different platforms.

Support us !
Join our team and be part of the Music Producer Convention journey!


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