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The world is changing!

You deserve a better Internet!

Take advantage of an unrivaled speed, security and confidentiality.


1. Security :
Brave was created by Brendan Eich, inventor of Javascript and founder of Mozilla's FireFox.
Brave is open source and based on Chromium, the user's experience is the same as with Google's Chrome.


2. Personal data :
Block data-grabbing ads and trackers.
Surf the internet in total security!

3. Speed/Battery :
In stopping online surveillance tools, brave loads content faster, and uses 35% less battery.


4. Ads :
Choose whether or not you accept to see ads when browsing the net (Youtube included).
Collect rewards for allowing to view privacy-respecting ads.
Convert your rewards to money or redistribute your rewards to your favorite content creators.

5. Support your favorite content creators :
Tip and contribute to creator's pages, channels or websites that you want to support directly through Brave Rewards program.

6. Allow others to support you in becoming content creator.
Become Brave certified content creator to be able to get support from other users and start to collect tips!


Stop to enrich internet's giants who access your web activity and private data!
Partake to a fair redistribution of the money generated by the ads you see online!

Support us !
Get to know and install Brave browser for a better internet!


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